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17th Apr

qvxzw asked: Yes i was actually so sad!!!!!! And i used to buy stuff for my friend and vice versa it was quite beautiful haha oh wow sounds interesting! I'm in my final year of school ughh

Hahhaaha awww that’s seriously the sweetest thing <3

And haha yes! It’s pretty interesting. I’m combining with Communications, so I’m loving it at the moment. And ah Year 12.. hehe :) Hope everything goes well for you. Don’t ever stress too much, that was my biggest regret Have fun/chill with friends/sleep haha :)

qvxzw asked: HI awww i remember those days such good days haha i bought a crystal necklace from you but lost it in the kmart change room a solid 3 years ago :( what are you doing at uni?

Hey!! :) 
Ahh that sucks! Haha I’m doing Combined Law. Are you still at School or at Uni? 

Anonymous asked: Do you still sell jewellery?!?!? Aw i'm reminiscing those days

Aww, come off anon! We can reminisce together.. hahaha but no, I’m not :( I guess Uni etc has taken over my life :P

15th Apr

#13 by hayley-dodd featuring leather shoes
Converse leather shoes, $115 / Leith slouchy hat / PARADISE AWESOME BAGGIES ONETEASPOON, $130